International Medical Admissions Test

FAQS about the day of the IMAT test

You must bring the following documents/items with you on the day of the test:

  • Both of the confirmation emails that you received during the registration and payment process.
  • A photographic form of identification. This must be an original document that is valid and matches the details you entered on UniversItaly.
  • Proof of confirmation from your first‐choice university that any access arrangements required have been approved by them. (Note: this is only applicable to candidates who have requested access arrangements.)
  • Black pens – outside Italy only. If you are taking IMAT in Italy, do not bring pens; they will be provided by the university. 

Do not bring your photographic ID to your desk. If your photographic ID is displayed on your desk, you will be disqualified.

Do not bring any electronic items such as calculators, mobile phones, smart watches, digital sound recorders, MP3 players, cameras, etc. into the test room or you will be disqualified.

If you are taking the test outside Italy, your test centre will contact you in August with details of the venue address and when to arrive. If you are taking the test in Italy, the venue details will be published on the UniversItaly and university websites on 1 September, please check there for full details of the test day arrangements. Please plan your journey in advance to arrive in good time.

The instructions for taking the test are quite complicated and it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct papers. Before the test, you will be given an envelope containing your test documents. You must check everything carefully to make sure you have received the right papers, when instructed.

Please be aware that you may be required to remain in the test venue for up to four hours from the start of the test. Please ensure your travel arrangements take this into account.


You will receive a white envelope. When instructed by the invigilator, open the envelope and check it contains:

  •  A question paper booklet (you must not open this yet). o A cover sheet, with a barcode and the University name o A candidate data sheet o An answer sheet
  • If anything is missing or the University name does not match your first choice University raise your hand and notify the invigilator.
  • There is a barcode printed on the cover sheet and the answer sheet, and a number on the front of your question paper. Please check that the numbers on these three documents are identical. If they are not, raise your hand and notify the invigilator. There is no barcode on the data sheet.
  • When instructed, complete the data sheet but do not sign it. If you sign it, notify the invigilator as you will need a replacement.
  • Only open the question paper booklet when instructed to do so. You will have 100 minutes (unless you have been granted additional time). You will be given warnings 30 minutes and then 10 minutes before the end of the test.
  • Once the test starts you are not allowed to leave the room except for emergencies. If you need to leave the room you must raise your hand and ask the invigilator for permission.
  • Please turn over for instructions on completing the answer sheet.
  • Put your answer sheet and unsigned data sheet to the side of your desk. Do not put it in your white envelope.
  • Put your question paper, cover sheet and this candidate instruction sheet back in to the white envelope, so the barcode on the cover sheet can be seen in the window. Leave this on your desk. It will be collected by the invigilator.
  • When instructed, go to the designated desk with your unsigned data sheet and your answer sheet.
  • At the designated desk, you must choose a pair of matching barcode stickers. Ensure that the barcodes match each other and stick one on your data sheet and the other on your answer sheet, in the appropriate boxes.
  • Now sign the declaration on the data sheet to confirm that the barcode stickers match and that your personal details are correct. Put your data sheet in the container available. Take your answer sheet to the second desk and place it in the container there. Place the sheets in the correct containers as they cannot be removed or swapped.
  • Results will be published on the UniversItaly website.

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