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MEDTEC School Test

6-year degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, held in English, is run by Humanitas University in partnership with Politecnico di Milano. The 2020 test will take place on 20th March for both European and non-European students.

Admissions Test

The admissions test will take place on 20th March 2020 and it will last 100 minutes. It consists of a multiple-choice test, entirely in English.

The test will include questions on mathematics, verbal logic, physics, chemistry, biology, technical-scientific culture. The test is designed to capture the aptitude and propensity of candidates to study both hard science for Engineering and Life Sciences for Medicine.

The Degree Programme

Precision medicine, big data, A.I., nanotechnologies, surgical robots, 3D printing and bio-prosthesis: this degree programme will enable a doctor to treat patients through the management of technological developments in medicine and related sectors, including disease prevention and treatment, patient rehabilitation and the development of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic solutions.

The degree programme aims to train professionals who will be able to apply medical and technological know-how as a means of providing innovative and quality medicine. In a global context of increasing complexity, technological innovation makes it possible to improve the quality of life in a sustainable way, innovating care and humanising the doctor-patient relationship.

The six-year year degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, taught in English, is organised by Humanitas University in partnership with Politecnico di Milano. The programme strongly focusses on enhancing the medical skills of a doctor through the integration and acquisition of the basic competences and approaches relevant to Biomedical Engineering.

The integrated six-year training programme  will allow you to obtain additional ECTS and be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Politecnico di Milano, in addition to an MD in Medicine.

The Admissions Test for the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery called MEDTEC School, entirely in English, consists of sixty (60) multiple-choice questions with five answer choices, of which only one is correct. The test is computer-based, divided in five parts, and has a total time of 100 minutes. The maximum achievable score is 1.000 points. Admission to the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery called MEDTEC School will be granted to candidates based on the number of places available and the position on the Ranking List.  The Ranking List is made in order from the highest score to the lowest score achieved on the exam. Only scores equal to or greater than 400 points will enter into the Ranking List. Scores below 400 points are excluded.



The points awarded for a correct answer and the points subtracted for an incorrect answer, for each section of the test, are shown below. No points are awarded or subtracted for an empty answer response.   

  • Mathematics: correct answer + 16 points, incorrect answer – 4 points 
  • Text Comprehension and Critical Reasoning: correct answer + 24 points, incorrect answer- 6
  • Chemistry and Physics: correct answer + 16 points, incorrect answer – 4 points
  • Biology: correct answer + 16 points, incorrect answer – 4 points
  • Technical and Scientific Knowledge: correct answer + 12 points, incorrect answer – 3 points


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