Humat 2021: Call for Applications a.a. 2021/2022

Humat 2021: Call for Applications a.a. 2021/2022

How to Apply

Due to the epidemiological emergency caused by Covid-19 and in accordance with national and regional provisions:

  • All EU citizens who currently reside in Italy must carry out the test at selected test centres, where all the necessary health and security procedures will be guaranteed.
  • If the candidate resides outside of Italy, he/she will take the admissions test online.

In case of developments of the epidemiological situation, Humanitas University reserves the right to modify the test procedures up until the 11th of January 2021.

Applications for the academic year 2021/2022 are open

European Students

Candidates resident in Italy
Admission test: 12th-13th February 2021

Candidates resident abroad
Admission test: 11th February 2021

130 places available


Non-EU Students

Candidates resident in Italy
Admission test: 12th-13th February 2021

Candidates resident abroad
Admission test: 11th February 2021

50 places available

  1. Registration on MyPORTAL

Go to Register   you will be asked to insert your personal data and at the end you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password to access the system and go on to the following phases of the admission process.

  1. Application

In order to take the admission test, you MUST complete the application procedure by accessing your reserved area on MyPortal click here to login using the username and password received via mail in the registration phase. Select Registrar’s Office from the menu on your left and click on Admissions test.

Candidates with any kind of disability are invited to make a formal request for the support they need in order to complete the test, by following the instructions detailed in the Call for applicants.

  1. Conclusion and Payment

The registration process is finished only after having completed the second phase on the Selexi portal. The portal access link will be sent via email at the end of the first registration process, as indicated in point 2.

Within the Selexi portal, you will be asked to enter your country of residence, in order to choose the exam time and the location.

The test application is finalised only after the payment of the test fee of €165, that can be performed by credit card.

Payment must be completed no later than 3rd February 2021, under penalty of exclusion from the entrance test.

The test fee shall in no case be reimbursed. Please note that the payment of the Admissions Test fee alone does not mean the application has been completed.

Once the payment is completed, candidates will receive a confirmation email of the registration to the admission test.

System Check

For students who are not resident in Italy, the test will take place remotely on 11th February 2021. These students will be asked to select their country of residence on the Selexi portal, and proceed with the registration and payment.

After completing the payment, candidates will receive a confirmation email containing key indications on how to complete the computer set up for the test.

Candidates are required to:

1) install Proctor Exam Google Chrome plugin, necessary to guarantee appropriate invigilation during the exam
2) complete a system check, which allows to understand whether video, audio and Internet connection are good enough to access the exam

When completing the above steps – to be completed at least 48 hours before the test day – candidates receive a second email containing the link to access the exam and instructions on how to complete their identification, which will be available in the hour before the test session scheduled time, and the environmental check to allow invigilation. Any official photo ID can be used for identification (passport, national ID card, driving license). The link to access the exam will be activated at the test session scheduled time.



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