The number of Italian National Medical Schools offering courses in English is increasing. The University of Padova School of Medicine offers a Medicine and Surgery degree course, held in English.

Candidates must pass an admission test in English (IMAT) and can proceed to registration according to the available positions, ranking and the achievement of a minimum score defined by the admission test.

Overview of the Course

  • Level: single-cycle degree (6 years)
  • Field of study: LM-41 – Medicine
  • Degree awarded: Master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery
  • Start date: October 2019
  • Location: Padova
  • Available places: European candidates or non-European candidates residing in Italy: 50; Non-European candidates residing outside Italy: 10

The admission notice also reports the knowledge and skills defined annually by Ministerial Decree and the level of proficiency in English. In order to be admitted, a Secondary High School Diploma or other suitable recognized qualification is required.

Language requirements

English proficiency is automatically recognized for native speakers. For non-native English students it is required to have obtained an English language certification at least equal to B2 of the CEFR. The scientific and technical terms used in the course access test (IMAT) are considered higher than the B2 level of competence, required for students wishing to undertake the single-cycle degree in Medicine and Surgery.